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Past Programs

GNYGS is proud to offer educational programs at each of its meetings. Over the years, these have covered a variety of topics of interest to gesneriad and houseplant enthusiasts of all experience levels.


Below is a selection of past programs to give you an idea of what we do.

January 2019: "Collecting, Cultivating and Researching Old World Gesneriaceae" by Sadie Barber of the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

November 2018: "Growing Gesneriads Under Lights" by Paul Susi

April 2018: "Botanical Treasures of the Caribbean and Northern Andes" by Dr. John L. Clark

October 2017: "Hunting Gesneriads in Ecuador" with Jim Roberts and Andrew Norris

November 2016: "Think Outside the Box: Innovative Growing Techniques" by Karen Chichocki

November 2015: "Fun with Rhizomatous Gesneriads" by Dale Martens

September 2014: "Hunting for Gesneriads in China" by Gussie Farice, Paul Susi, and Carolyn Ripps

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